Railroad Ties and Creosote


Creosote  (coal tar) has been used by railroads to preserve wooden ties in railroad beds. The creosote can leech into the soil over time where it  will remain unless disturbed. 

The rails-to-trails conservatory acknowledges that creosote is a potential issue in the construction of recreational trails.

The  United States Environmental Protection Agency has acknowledged that  creosote is a probable carcinogen in both humans and animals

The  proposed route of the WOW trail along the railroad right of way will disturb soil directly next to the tracks and adjacent to the beach.


The proposed route for the WOW trail will require multiple bridges to be built. Notably, Pickerel Cove and Chattel Cove. This will affect local habitat and wildlife. Additionally, construction along the buffer zone and the construction of a fence will profoundly affect local wildlife.