Two women attacked, robbed on future WOW Trail spot

"Two women,  ages 30 and 35, said a man attacked them by pushing one woman to the  ground and taking the purse of the other one while brandishing a small  black handgun. The purse contained a passport and identifications for  both women. Police said the victim told them he ran toward the Belknap  Mall."

"During  the time of the armed robbery, the Laconia City Council was listening to  a proposal about Phase 2 of the city portion of the WOW Trail that will  go along that stretch of the old railroad corridor."

Belmont police and fire departments clean WOW Trail

"Members  of the Belmont police and fire departments teamed up Wednesday for a  cleanup/safety walk along the Winnipesaukee-Opechee-Winnisquam Trail,  the town beach and surrounding town property on the lake."

"Among the items discovered  during the sweep was a discarded needle that Fire Capt. Michael Newhall  removed for destruction. The two departments issued a warning to the  community to avoid touching any discarded needles they come across, and  instead to contact a police or fire official who has the right tools to  safely handle them." 

"Police also discovered two people tenting on town property and directed them to community services for assistance." 

December 2017

If You Build It They Will Come - Rail Trails Become Heroin Trails

...And it doesn't matter if you are talking about North Andover or Lawrence, Groveland or Salem NH. Rail Trails have become the preferred squatting grounds for drug users, drug dealers and other types of criminals...

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