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The purpose of this site is to provide the facts regarding the proposed construction of the WOW trail along the rail road right of way.

The proposed route will be extremely expensive. It requires the construction of bridges, extensive regrading, and a fence to separate the trail from an active rail road.

The proposed trail will create a public thoroughfare through private communities essentially making them public. 

The proposed route creates significant safety issues as bicyclists, pedestrians and skateboarders will be crossing active marinas, lake access traffic and be directly adjacent to an active railroad.

There has been significant crime on the existing portion of the trail. This will be propagated into communities with property and assets directly adjacent to the proposed route.

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South Down Shores and Long Bay have operated on the shores of Paugus Bay for over 30 years. Both communities have facilities on the lake side of the railroad tracks. South Down has an operational marina with a 65,000 lb forklift to launch and retrieve boats. Other communities and homeowners  have crossings that they use to get to the lake.


From 2010 to 2016 there have been over 132 police involved crimes on Phase I of the WOW trail alone. Construction of the WOW trail along the railroad right of way will provide public access to shore front homes, marinas and private communities.


We are all stewards of the lake and responsible for its preservation. The WOW trail (if constructed along the railroad right of way) will require bridges and a fence along the frontage from Lakeport to Meredith.  This will affect habitat and the construction may release creosote into the lake.